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The project follows a two-step approach to halting and reversing the impending threat of floodplain habitats as well as achieving fundamental and sustainable improvements to the local water budget.

  • Improvement of the water budget and the hydrological connection between river and floodplain:
  • Closure of drainage ditches
  • Reinforcement of the water retention channel after flooding events and opening of the polder for summer floods
  • Active irrigation using solar-powered water pumps to maintain soil moisture and increase frequency, extent and duration of water-logged areas in spring and early summer
  • Construction of a new low lying water body to reduce fish kill in the shallow water bodies at decreasing water levels
  • Reactivation of alluvial waters, tidal pools, temporary waters and optimization of habitats and habitat types
  • Desludging of an oxbow lake
  • Restoration of tidal pools and temporary waters
  • Seed transfer to restore species richness of stream-accompanying semi-dry grasslands


  • Polder gate to be changedPolder gate to be changed
  • Weirs will close a ditchWeirs will close a ditch
  • Species-rich dry meadowSpecies-rich dry meadow